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I live in Rockville, Maryland, am divorced, and have two children and two grandchildren. I have traveled widely and consider myself a citizen of the world. In my ‘80s now, I am active in The ManKind Project, a men’s organization conducting transformational trainings on four continents, as a community leader, group facilitator and mentor. Having been honored by my German home town, and having experienced reconciliation with my former Hitler classmates, I now speak widely on that subject, and conduct a workshop called The Power of Forgiveness. While I have never experienced “survivor guilt,” I do attempt to conduct my life so as to be worthy of my survival.

Richard Wiener is a child survivor of the Holocaust.  He has previously published his autobiography (“Survivor’s Odyssey”), and a poetry collection (“Sense of Time”).  He speaks widely on the subject of forgiveness and reconciliation, and was made an honorary citizen of his German hometown Wittenberg as a result of this work.  He lives in Maryland and has two children and two grandchildren.  He has traveled widely, and considers himself a citizen of the world.